This is about why you are here on this site – for the same reason this business was started – it’s about those furry, feathered, 2 and 4 legged (and 3) friends and those that swim or slither, that became a part of our families and lives – that now, need you, and want you to remember them.

You all have a story, and even if it is that friend that was always there and knew us so well, we understand.

We never wanted them to go, but they had to.

It was so short the time with them – not like people – if we are lucky, are here for so long.

Resting Pets is not just about the next journey, it is about what’s happening now.

You have been the most important part of your friends life, and congratulations in making it so wonderful for them.

Our purpose is to let you know, that they are still there watching over you.